MOS DEF, interviewed by Nate Denver in the August 2000 issue of Stance magazine: "What I would really like to happen for hip-hop in general is that the arc of expression just gets broader. It seems like now there's one of two choices, either you're flossed out or you're a vegan, and I don't think that's free. There's way more dimension to not just the black community, but the hip-hop audience. There are all types of people listening to hip-hop, people from all types of different countries, social backgrounds, educational backgrounds, religious backgrounds -- all types of different people. The art form should be trying its best to represent as much of that diversity as possible so the culture doesn't get misunderstood or misrepresented as this monolith or this biolith. It's something that's dimensional, full, not just flat."
First saw this on Lemonyellow. Crossed my mind today in regard to stories about California's minority/majority population shift and whites' return to D.C.


I'm digging the anti-design. Glad he stuck around.
This is so weird. Now my fingers have dry mouth. A revolting image, to be sure. My fingers are deer caught in the headlights. No, that's not any better. How 'bout this: time to go home.
Signed up a ways back, before actually getting up off my tuchis to use it. So laziness, coupled with issues related to Netscape 4.x for the Mac configuration, was the reason I didn't do the do 'fore now.


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